It may seem old-fashioned to think that a company’s name, logo or creative image on clothing will bring in more business, but it’s true. Many people remember brands that they’ve seen on shirts, jackets or other apparel items, even long after the products themselves have been used and then tossed. Those memories help to make those companies more familiar to potential customers.

There are a lot of ways to brand your company, from simple digitally printed t-shirts to elaborate embroidered logos. The decision should be based on the type of apparel you want to use and how often you will be using it. Embroidery is perfect for team t-shirts, polos and other corporate apparel, but it can also be used on hats, bags and more.

Embroidery is the process of stitching a design, logo or creative image into another fabric like a shirt or jacket. The end result is a more polished, quality appearance that conveys a professional image. Embroidery is a durable form of branding, as it will last much longer than screen printing or digital printing.

One major benefit of embroidery is the ability to use multiple colors without incurring extra charges. This makes it a good choice for schools and businesses that have complex logos and want to be able to show off the color in full. Embroidery also gives the logo a 3D look that stands out on apparel such as hats, polo shirts and team jackets, while it blends in on silk, neoprene and cotton.

While a team of employees wearing matching embroidered t-shirts conveys a sense of professionalism, branded hats, jackets and other accessories can take the marketing to the next level. When you hand out hats, jackets or other items that feature your company name and logo, your customers become walking billboards for your brand. The high-quality items you give out will last, and your customers will continue to see and use them for years to come.

Be sure to know your audience when selecting the types of hats, jackets or other items you want to have embroidered with your company name and logo. If your company sells kitchen or grilling products, for example, an embroidered apron giveaway may be a great option. Or, if you offer sports products, consider an embroidered towel giveaway for your clients to use at the gym or on their next sporting event. If your looking for a reputable Minneapolis embroidery company visit